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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Bootstrapped & Busy? 26Tech is your secret weapon.

We're fractional marketing experts supporting early-stage startups & MSMEs. We craft customisable, budget-friendly marketing plans to help you thrive in today's digital world.

Fun fact: Wondering why we have ‘26’ in our company name?

There's a special story behind it! The number 26 represents both India's Republic Day and Australia Day. Our founder's entrepreneurial journey began in Australia and continued in India. So, 26Tech is a tribute to the two countries that have played a big role in shaping our company!

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How it started

Back in 2015, Pallavi was launching her first bootstrapped startup, Neev Magazine. She needed creative marketing strategies, but agencies just offered big-budget plans that wouldn't work for her scrappy startup.

So, guess what? This automotive engineer with zero marketing experience dove in headfirst.  Social media magic, email campaigns, and lead nurturing – she did it all, and it worked! Neev Magazine thrived for 5 years, all thanks to her creative, budget-friendly approach.

Today, at 26Tech, Pallavi uses those hard-won lessons to empower other bootstrapped businesses. She gets what you're going through because she's been there!  

That's why 26Tech offers flexible, customised marketing solutions that grow alongside your startup, not some cookie-cutter plan that doesn't fit your budget.

Meet The Team

Our Values


You can trust us.


We understand you.


We get it right.

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We're here for you.

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We work smarter.

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