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The Founder CMO - Facebook Ads

A 1-hour webinar to identify a good quality Facebook Ad

  • What you should know BEFORE starting the ad

  • How to setup a good campaign?

  • What results can you expect?

Why should you attend this workshop?

Know if you have a good quality ad

Understand what results you can get

The right questions to ask your marketer

Who is it for?

Small business owners who are working with a marketer for Facebook Ads.
Founders who want to hire a marketing agency to run their Facebook Ads.
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Have you worked with a Marketer for Facebook Ads?

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Pallavi Tyagi

Why choose us?

The founder is an Engineer-turned-Entrepreneur herself. She understands the constraints of time, budget and knowledge faced by an entrepreneur.


That's why we've been helping entrepreneurs ace their marketing in a logical & result-oriented manner through service, workshops & consultation since 2020!


Our wins

  • 500+ entrepreneurs trained

  • 25+ clients serviced, with 25% repeat clients

Digital Marketing Strategist

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