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Pallavi Tyagi

Digital Marketing Strategist

Analytics in marketing

Marketing analytics can be overwhelming! Where you do start?

The best place to start analyzing your marketing is with an asset you own - your website. Your website gives you a very clear idea whether your business is reaching the right people or not. And Google Analytics is a free tool to get data about your website. 

In this free guide I explain important aspects such as

  • website traffic

  • demographics

  • sources of traffic

  • website search terms

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Know your data

Use your data

This guide will give you specific actions to improve your website's marketing performance with data from website analytics. I use real-world examples to explain how to derive a marketing strategy from that. 

What people are saying

Hi Pallavi, I have gone through your e-book and I must say it is very helpful in understanding website analytics for marketing purposes. Keep 'em coming!

 I had the opportunity to read through your book, you have not only explained the kind of analysis which can be performed but also what actions can be performed based on insight generated! Insightful and informative.

Rohini L.

Deepa M.

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