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Unboxing Entrepreneurship- Multiple revenue streams for a business

We welcome our eighteenth guest, Abhijeet Deogirikar, to ‘Unboxing Entrepreneurship.’

We talked about multiple revenue streams for a business.


Here are some interesting time stamps you can listen to:

0:00 Introduction
0:58 Abhijeet talks about his company, Copper Cloud IoT, and how’s his journey has been like.
4:45 Abhijeet shares his viewpoint about ‘shining object syndrome’.
6:00 Abhijeet shares some examples of good multiple revenue options to think of in parallel.
12:30 Abhijeet talks about how as a founder, he makes sure to keep a balance between the training vertical and service vertical without affecting either.
20:18 Abhijeet mentions it’s essential to have two verticals- training and service.

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