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Business Digest- 8 Mar'24

As an engineer, I know how important it is to have clear processes in place. They give us a sense of direction and help us work efficiently. I've also seen what happens when processes aren't well-implemented. Studies show that businesses can lose 20-30% of their productivity because of inefficient processes. This shows that it's really important to set up and improve processes in the workplace.

What’s the impact of inefficient processes?

Inefficient processes with unclear direction lead to:

  • Confusion and wasted time: Unclear procedures cause misunderstandings and unnecessary task delays.

  • Reduced productivity: Inconsistent approaches result in mistakes, rework, and lower productivity.

  • Lack of accountability: Without clear procedures, it's hard to assign responsibility.

  • Hindered collaboration and empowerment: Poor communication limits collaboration and individual initiative.

How can we make sure our rules and routines help us?

Here's my approach:

  1. Start with the "Why": Everyone understands the reasons behind our processes and what we hope to achieve with them. For example, we use Asana to keep track of tasks, which is great for team projects. This way, everyone knows what needs to be done and when, helping them manage their time effectively.

  2. Work together on processes: Instead of me creating processes alone before we start something new, we now outline them together as a team. We refine the steps as we go, considering everyone's input on what works and what doesn't. This collaborative effort ensures that our processes benefit everyone.

  3. Stay flexible: We've adapted many of our processes based on feedback, whether they weren't producing the desired results or were too complicated. Involving the team in giving feedback has helped us keep our processes efficient.

Developing effective processes requires time and effort, but the result is worth it: a team that works well together and feels satisfied with what they achieve.

For further insights on improving productivity, I recommend watching this interview on “How to stay organised to be productive?"

This video features Aanchal Kejriwal, a Professional Organizer and Decluttering Consultant. By watching this video you will learn the importance of a well-organised physical space for entrepreneurs to function efficiently. We have also explored best practices for tackling the challenges of digital clutter and information overload.

By incorporating Aanchal's insights and exploring the practical tips offered in the video, you can develop effective organisational strategies to enhance your productivity and success as an entrepreneur.

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