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Here are some of the workshops I have conducted. If you would like to collaborate with me , please get in touch

25+ workshops
650+ attendees

Email Marketing Essentials

A session to cover crucial email marketing tactics: personalised emails for strong connections, adaptable strategies for different businesses, effective techniques to attract and retain subscribers, engaging content, and clean subscriber lists for optimal deliverability.

The workshop was organised by Her Entrepreneurial Network (HEN).

Engineer to Entrepreneur

An insight into which skills of engineers make them ready for entrepreneurship and which mindsets they need to change.

The session was organised by Army Institute of Technology (AIT) E-cell

Leaping Into Entrepreneurship

A coaching session for students to understand the entrepreneurship journey and skills required. 

The session was organised by the Rotaract Clubs of various colleges. 

Women entrepreneurship

An Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session for women entrepreneurs to gain knowledge about the challenges and opportunities for them in the startup world.

The session was organised by Army Institute of Technology (AIT) E-cell

Before You Launch - A Marketing Perspective

A coaching session for startups to tailor your product and marketing pitch for your target customer. I covered different types of market research and the analysis of 3 C's - customer, competition and company. 

The session was organised by Army Institute of Technology (AIT) E-cell

Podcast - A Voice For Your Business

A 1-hour workshop to use podcast as a brand awareness tool for your business. I cover the foundations of podcast creating, distributing and marketing. 

The workshop was organised by Her Entrepreneurial Network (HEN)

PR For Small Businesses

Know how to ace your brand's PR on a budget.

In this workshop, we look at why PR is important for your brand, what are the different types of agencies you could work with and how to optimise your budget.

This workshop was delivered in collaboration with Chandni Dassani, who is an Entrepreneur and a Community Builder.

Basics Of Lead Generation

A 2-hour workshop to know about the basic of lead generation.

I talk about why you need to generate leads, the 5-step process to start lead generation and tips for each platform to effectively generate good-quality leads.

The workshop was organised by Her Entrepreneurial Network (HEN)

Lead Gen workshop cover.jpg
Facebook Page Analytics - An Introduction

A 1-hour workshop in collaboration with Manisha Raghunath, Communication Generalist. We covered each metric of Facebook page analytics in detail, with tips to improve their performance.

Facebook page analytics workshop
Get Started On Your Digital Marketing Journey

A 1-hour workshop to learn the basics of digital marketing channels and how to use them effectively. I covered each channel in detail, with actionable tips to get the best out of them.

Get started on your digital marketing jo
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