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Media coverage

I have been fortunate enough to have my personal and business story told in various media.

Ads Assembly

Ads Assembly podcast shares business growth hacks and techniques to grow a business on digital platforms. It also interacts with experts in the field of digital business. My interaction on this podcast can be found here.


REALWMXN produces weekly podcast episodes and short-form readings featuring the stories of women. They focus on the true untold stories all around us and highlight the experiences of diverse individuals from communities worldwide. My story can be found here.

Teach the Geek

Engineer and author Neil Thompson delves into the topic of public speaking for STEM professionals. Whether you're a novice or a proficient public speaker, there's something for everyone. My experience with engineering and public speaking can be found here.

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HEN's Interview

I've been called for a fantastic interview with HEN (Her Entrepreneurial Network). We discussed my marketing journey! It was amazing to reflect on how far I've come since starting out with 26Tech and to discuss the challenges I've faced along the way.

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Ishleen Kaur's Interview

Uncover marketing success with "The Business Queen" podcast. We delve into essential do's and dont's for businesses. Gain valuable strategies, avoid pitfalls, and navigate the digital landscape. Hosted by Ishleen Kaur, empowering women entrepreneurs. I invite you to listen to the full interview here.

Nikhil Kumar's Interview

Nikhil Kumar hosted a discussion on content marketing for startups. We explored its importance, navigating changes, and creating engaging content. Check out the video for valuable insights.

Punjab Woman Leaders Award

I received the prestigious Punjab Woman Leaders Award from the World Women Leadership Congress for my work in promoting gender diversity, equality and empowerment. It is an honor and testament to my dedication, and I remain committed to making a positive impact.

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Ishleen Kaur.png
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