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How to use ad metrics to improve your social media marketing performance (part 2)

Additional metrics that help your ads improve

Continue to improve your social media marketing performance

In the last blog, I introduced the most important metrics to improve your social media marketing ad performance. In this blog, I will talk about additional supporting metrics that can be used to boost your ad performance. These small tweaks help to make your ad more relevant and reduce costs. Ideally, these optimisations should be done based on your campaign performance. However, you may also apply these optimisations before you start your ad, in case you have past performance data.

If you haven’t read the previous blog, I suggest to read that first. I will be using many terms in this blog that I introduced in the previous blog.

Time of day and day of week

What time of the day is the user likely to click your ad? Knowing this helps to limit our ads to those times only. Let us understand this with an example.

Say you are running an ad to get free trials for your product. The user clicks the ad to land on a page which has the details of the product. They read through that before signing up for the free trial. In this case, do you think a person will sign up in the middle of the night? Or while they are travelling to work? Most likely not, even if they are searching for such a product. They are most likely to come back later when they have the time. In such a scenario, you could cut your ad costs by not showing them the ad during their busy times. Instead, show them the ad when they are likely to take that action instantly.

Improve your social media performance - time of day
Break down by time of day

Both Google and Facebook ad platforms allow you to view your ad’s performance by time of day and day of the week. To save costs, you could remove the high cost-low conversion time slots of the day. You could do a similar process for days of the week that perform poorly or when people are the busiest, like Monday.

In Facebook, you are only allowed to adjust your ad schedule if you have specified a lifetime budget.

Age groups and gender

You would have already specified the age groups and gender that your product is suitable for. However, not everyone will respond to your ad the same way. The second breakdown that you can do is based on age and gender within your target audience.

Improve your social media performance - age and gender
Age and gender breakdown

You can view them individually or view the combinations. This will help you to identify the high cost age-gender combinations that you can potentially remove. Focus on the conversion or result rate for each combination to make your decision.


If you are targeting a specific country, then an opportunity exists to laser focus your ads to relevant geographies within that country. Break down your campaign performance by cities or states (whatever the ad platform allows). Apply the same logic of weeding out locations that have poor performance.

Improve your social media performance - location
Location breakdown

Optimising your ads forms an important part of your digital marketing strategy. Check back on your ads every few days to see what minor improvements you can make. In the long run, these small changes help you to improve your performance within a budget.


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