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Using email marketing to stay connected with your customers

Non-intrusive communication to stay in your customer's minds.

There are so many statistics of email marketing that justify it's use, that it would be hard to go through them here. The most important statistic that you need to know is that email marketing has awesome Return On Investment (ROI). As many email marketing providers are cheap to start with, ROI for email marketing is at a staggering 4400%. Which means that if you spend ₹759 per month on email marketing through Mailchimp, you are likely to earn ₹34,000 in sales through this channel alone!

Having said that, the stats for email marketing may differ for India. Indians are not as active on emails, especially on personal accounts. Even so, the banking and e-commerce sectors in India actively rely on email marketing to keep in touch with their customers. So, whether you are a B2B or a B2C company, kick-start an email marketing strategy to see if works for you. If you are just starting out, here are 3 types of emails that absolutely must be part of your strategy.

Before starting, get yourself a marketing email service provider like Mailchimp and plan your lead collection strategy.

Welcome email

A welcome email is the first contact that you have with your prospective customer. In B2B companies, the customer may be signing up for a blog, white paper or a free trial. In a B2C company, the customer may be creating an account, signing up for a blog or filling out a form. It is important to send them a welcome email when they provide their contact information.

Your welcome email should consist of the following to maximise it's impact.

  • Acknowledge the action the customer has taken and provide them a reminder in the email.

  • Include links to other high-value pages on your website that the customer can browse through.

Welcome email with links
A welcome email with links

Blogs or newsletters

Once you have made the initial connect with the customer, it is time to communicate with them regularly. Brands can send upto 2-3 emails per month without being perceived as intrusive. Can you imagine calling a perfect stranger 2-3 times a month and getting away with it? That is why email marketing is an effective communication strategy.

Here's how you structure your email.

  • Add snippets of your blog or newsletter in the email with a relevant subject line.

  • Email service providers allow you to insert personalisations like the use of names in the subject line. Use those features to end up in the customer's inbox, rather than spam.

  • While the blog or the newsletter may be written for a broad audience, always think about how you segment your audience so that you are speaking to them. For instance, your apparel business could send one set of emails to men and other to women. Or your service provider company can send one email to managers and another to employees.

Blog snippet email
Blog snippet email from Social Media Examiner

Discounts and special deals

Discounts are the most loved emails in India (does that surprise you?). Whether you are a B2B or a B2C, you are likely to have a sale at some point. Send out that information. And then send it again. Nudging customers to take action with time bound offers is a good way to spike up sales. Know that most people will still buy in the last few days, so remind them closer to the end date.

Sale email
Sale email from Khadi Natural

I have provided you with a beginner pack of email marketing in this blog. There are many more. But test these out for your business and see if the engagement increases. Do more people visit your website through the emails? Do you see an increase in sales? If email marketing is performing for you, you can dive into more complex strategies. I will be covering more email marketing strategies in the coming months.


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