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Marketing Direction- 14th June

Hello Readers,

Welcome to our monthly newsletter! If you’re looking to grow your business, you’ve come to the right place. This month, we’re talking about lead generation and sharing how our team finds new customers. Whether you’re experienced or just starting out, these tips will help you attract and convert more customers.

The Problem: Finding Good Leads

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is finding good leads. Without a steady flow of potential customers, it’s hard to keep growing and hitting sales targets. Many businesses spend too much time and money on leads that don’t turn into customers. That’s where lead generation comes in. By targeting the right people and guiding them through the sales process, you can improve your conversion rates and boost your revenue.

Our Tools for Generating Leads

At 26Tech, we use a combination of a few tools for lead generation: a prospecting tool like Apollo, social media like Instagram or LinkedIn and lead generation ads on Google Ads or Meta Ads Manager.

A prospecting tool enables you to set filters like industry, designation etc to shortlist people. You can then find their contact details through the tool.

We use social media to validate the quality of the lead by checking out their profile and content they post.

Paid lead generation through Google Ads or Meta Ads is ideal when you have a sales process setup. The lead generated can be called by the sales executive and nurtured further to conversion.

Want to see these tools in action and learn more about our strategies?

Watch our detailed video here: Watch the video. In the video, we talk about how LinkedIn is important for lead generation without being salesy.

Happy listening!

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