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7 Ways to Boost Your ROI With Festive Marketing

Festivals bring excitement and a sense of community! Not only between family members, but also between a brand and its customers. Festival season is an important time for most local business owners. If you are a service provider, now is the moment to promote your services and acquire new consumers. We are here to help you with the most effective marketing ideas for festive season.

A festive marketing strategy entails developing a clever marketing strategy for festivals that will reach every target demographic and connect with every customer. Now is the time to show off your stock, introduce new products and services, and reach more people.

What is festive marketing?

Festivals are loved and cherished by people all around the world. They bring communities and cultures together, encouraging people to relish in the glory of togetherness. As a result, they can easily build deep relationships between companies and their consumers. Although the most joyful time of the year may seem far away, marketers are already organising their holiday plans in order to begin digital marketing during festivals.

In this article, we'll talk about the best ways to use digital marketing to increase festive sales effectively.

Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends for the Festive Season

A sound strategy should ideally pay particular attention to the sentiments and emotions of its target audience. Listed below are a few festive marketing techniques you should most certainly try out to enjoy their multiple benefits.

1. Create Festive Content

Social media platforms are a true blessing, making the entire marketing process a breeze.

Every year before the festive season, companies organise one-directional, goal-oriented content that aims at adding to their users’ delight. No wonder, its final outcome is extremely rewarding in nature.

Furthermore, you can also involve influencers in your campaigns and use appropriate hashtags to increase the amount of traffic your ads get, as well as announce festive seasons sales ideas to maintain the hype.

26 Tech arranged this interview by connecting the co-founders of The Confident Communicator with the founder of Arrange It All. Aanchal from Arrange It All introduced Diwali and the festive season into the parenting discussion. This assured that the series did not lose viewers during the festive season and that they instead saw something related to the festival. This was part of 26Tech's ongoing fractional CMO services to bridge the gap between the customers and the brand.

2. Leverage Email Marketing

Emails hold a position of esteem and formality, which encourages customers to visit the website links. This makes email marketing a fruitful strategy, especially if it's milked properly. As per a survey in 2021, 64% of small businesses use email marketing to reach out to customers.

Pro tip: As a part of your festive season marketing campaign, send targeted and personalised festive emails with segmentation that are run in automation. Don’t forget to spice up your subject lines to boost open rates.

3. Video Marketing is a Must!

Connectivity never had a better name than video marketing. The audience likes to connect with a face. The recognition of the human face makes it more likely for the customers to think about the cause with which they’re connected.

In other words, if you wish to foster strong connections with your clients, video marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing ideas in 2022. The best practices for making great videos will boost your reach on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and more.

With the festive Diwali approaching, our client BakePure, a Pune-based bakery for healthy bakes prepared and launched a founder video. It demonstrates that she understands the significance of festivities and family bonding and how it encourages engagement with customers. The talking points were provided by 26Tech as part of social media marketing services. The result was increased engagement, driving new leads for the brand.

4. Hit the Sweet Spots

This season, get nostalgic and tap into your customers’ emotions! Consumers are willing to pay more for a product that emotionally or personally appeals to them, it's no surprise that nostalgia plays a large role in many festive season ads.

According to a survey, B2B brands can leverage nostalgia to affect buyer emotions, which has a big impact on B2B purchases. About 71% of buyers will go through with a transaction if they see personal value in a B2B service or product. Thus, go on and start creating emotional blogs, making nostalgic videos and coming up with creative contests that engage the audience.

5. Discounts, discounts, discounts!

Festivities are all about caring and sharing, and it goes for your business as well. Customers are eagerly looking for festive discounts and offers online. This is the time to introduce the most intriguing and fun sales to your customers so they come to you wholeheartedly.

Customers eagerly look for discounts online as the festive season is approaching Let your brand stand out with the amazing offers you have in hand for them, while discreetly advertising promotional ideas for holiday season, increasing your festive sales. The best festive season sales ideas include hosting giveaways, bundle deals, happy-hour coupons, free shipping, and other ways to offer extra savings that show your customers that you truly care!

6. Use Keywords and Hashtags

Hashtags, by linking a post to a category, essentially make your content searchable and so broaden its reach. Avoid using one-worded hashtags and use those with more words to hold onto the attention you have received from people. At the same time, make sure your hashtags are truly relevant to your service.

Similarly, use the most appropriate keywords in your promotional blogs and other forms of content to increase their readability. As social media and Google algorithms change every now and then, it is suggested to get in touch with an experienced marketing coach for a marketing strategy during festivals for startups and B2B businesses.

7. Collaborate with Influencers

Most people on the internet readily take into consideration the product suggestions and recommendations they receive from their favorite influencers. To increase the brand awareness and reach of your content, collaborate with the upcoming influencers. This will also connect you directly to your target audience without you having to put a lot of additional effort into that.

The abundant benefits of influencer marketing include increased brand awareness, better visibility, and reaching out to the target audience directly. Therefore, create a beautiful relationship with the customers. Isn’t that what festivals are all about?


1. How do you market for the holiday season?

The best festive marketing ideas include creating festive-themed content such as nostalgic videos and blogs and distributing them via email or social media marketing.

2. What is the best form of marketing for the holiday?

For the holiday season, the best ways to use digital marketing are to make videos and work with influencers to reach and connect with more people.

3. How do you make a marketing plan for a festival?

The best ways to plan a powerful campaign are to define your target audience, create an offer, and show gratitude to your customers.

This blog contains some of the highly suggested and proven methods that will contribute to the digital marketing promotional plan for B2B businesses. We have learnt that nostalgic content, video marketing, collaborating with influencers, eye-grabbing emails and irresistible discounts are the ways to customers’ hearts during the festive season.

We, at 26Tech, have helped multiple small businesses establish themselves as coming-of-age ventures by focusing on the large-scale improvement of their digital presence. Kick-starting your digital marketing plan with our transparent operations, performance tracking KPIs and open communication.

Book a free 30-minute consultation today!

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