Pallavi Tyagi

Digital Marketing Strategist

Marketing Coach

I help startups and small businesses to grow through a multi-channel digital marketing strategy.

Why work with me?

A decade into working in the automotive engineering field, I founded a digital publishing startup, managing the marketing and operations for it. Like you, I know the challenge of working within a budget to increase awareness about the company and make sales.


With my experience of managing the offline and online marketing for a new design university, I can strategise and execute a comprehensive marketing plan for you. You will start to acquire more customers in a strategic manner, with budget-friendly campaigns. As a digital marketing strategist, I focus on creating long-term strategies, that you can continue using.

If you are an entrepreneur, SME owner or manage your own NGO, please get in touch.

How I can help


Are you running an entire business by yourself, including marketing?

I can be a sounding board for your marketing ideas, a mentor who will guide you through everything related
to marketing, a colleague who will implement marketing tactics that we agree upon and a marketing
manager who will help you scale up your business.


Are you a small business with a lean team?

I can be the all-in-one
marketer who takes and executes marketing decisions keeping your business objective in mind. I will align your goals with a marketing strategy within budget. In working with me, you will get a team member who works collaboratively, while executing
the agreed marketing plan.


Looking for a specialist to execute a specific marketing project for your company?

I understand your business, project requirement and project objective. Then, I create new
campaigns with your project goals and budget. I can be the extra marketing resource who works within your current business strategy and delivers your
objective, while adding new aspects to your marketing.

What people are saying

Digital marketing strategy designed by Pallavi Tyagi and its dedicated and flawless implementation has borne unbelievably very high results far beyond our expectations and that too in minimum possible time; we have had seventeen times higher jump on day one itself, with amazing speed and superb efficiency!!! 


Best part of the entire package is that it is very affordable and also non-invasive in our daily operations. Wish her good luck and Godspeed!

- Founder, Colonel's Academy (Baghpat Road)

Marketing strategies and tips

My course

The course covers everything to get you started on your digital marketing journey.

I start with the foundations of marketing to help you understand what customers look for, how to measure your campaign performance and what budget you need.

Then I move onto each channel in detail to utilize it well for your marketing efforts. You will learn about website, social media marketing channels and email marketing.

At the end of the course, you will be able to create your own marketing plan, combining multiple channels. 


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