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Unboxing Entrepreneurship- Monetising your business

The entrepreneurship journey is not easy. It is full of twists and turns that shape who you are as a person and entrepreneur. However, there are some commonalities that all entrepreneurs experience on their journey.

There are many ways to become an entrepreneur. You can start your own business, create a startup, or even join the ranks of entrepreneurs by starting a side hustle. Each path has its upsides and downsides that must be considered before deciding to go down.

Monetising your business is one of the most important tasks you need to do as a business owner. It is essential to have a constant stream of revenue coming in to have a sustainable business.

With learning the importance of monetizing the business, we unboxed the third episode of Unboxing Entrepreneurship with Ruche Mittal. She is a Graphic Designer at the heart of an Entrepreneur, a community builder, and a founder of HEN India. HEN - Her Entrepreneurial Network is a community for women in business to inspire, inform and support each other to build successful businesses and balanced lives.

In this episode, we discussed how HEN started and what it offered its members initially.

Ruche talks to us about the indicators behind monetizing the HEN Facebook group. She also talks about the importance of a business mindset to achieve scale and maximize impact.

With the positive share of monetizing the business, we also discussed the negative impacts.

We conclude the session with Ruche summarising the steps entrepreneurs should take to monetize their business.

To know more about this, watch the full video here.

Stay tuned for more episodes in the coming weeks!


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