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Unboxing Entrepreneurship- Customer-centric approach to growing your business

We welcome our twelfth guest, Neetu Bansal, to the ‘Unboxing Entrepreneurship.’

We talked about how to have a customer-centric approach to growing your business.


Here are some interesting time stamps you can listen to:

0:00 Introduction

1:22 Neetu shares her journey of entrepreneurship

3:31 We talk about the customer perspective and how it helps small businesses

5:14 Neetu shared in detail about the building block of the customer perspective and explained customer persona and customer profiling

11:21 We talk about the ways to catch customer attention

16:30 Neetu talk about how to get into the mind of customers

18:05 We talk about the changes that businesses have to make to get better results

20:44 We share our experiences of how data is useful for small businesses.

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