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Unboxing Entrepreneurship- Your startup’s business model

We welcome our seventeenth guest, Devansh Lakhani, to ‘Unboxing Entrepreneurship.’

We talked about a startup’s business model.


Here are some interesting time stamps you can listen to:

0:00 Introduction
01:45 Devansh talks about how Lakhani Financial Services helps startups build end-to-end to connect with investors and raise funds.
03:11 He explains the duration of engagement with the startup before the funding process.
05:44 Devansh shares his experience on how a business model shouldn't be concrete. It should be with the flow.
08:40 He shares 3 essential things to be concrete in setting up a business model.
15:47 We discussed the challenges faced by the startups building a revenue model
19:04 Devansh thoughts on how the founder can execute their ideas to become successful entrepreneurs

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