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Unboxing Entrepreneurship-Setting up your business to operate remotely

We welcome our thirty-third guest, Gunjan Pai, to ‘Unboxing Entrepreneurship.’

We talked about “Setting up your business to operate remotely.”
Here are some interesting time stamps you can listen to:

0:00 Introduction

01:12 Gunjan shares how she started her career as a copywriter and now as an entrepreneur.

03:52 Gunjan talks about why they started working remotely and what the reasons behind it.

06:14 She shares how she started Copylove and brought in talents interested in working in remote-based jobs.

09:36 She discussed how remote work benefited her as well as her team.

14:59 Gunjan shares the challenges she overcame through a remote team as a founder and team perspective.

20:44 Gunjan’s takeaways for new founders considering setting up a remote business

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