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Unboxing Entrepreneurship with Pallavi-Corporate employee to a freelancer-what is the journey like?

We welcome our thirty-sixth guest, Neha Sinha, to ‘Unboxing Entrepreneurship with Pallavi.’

We talked about “Corporate employee to a freelancer - what is the journey like?.”
Here are some interesting time stamps you can listen to:

0:00 Introduction

01:31 Neha shares her corporate experiences and passion towards it.

02:14 She shares her journey from a corporate job to a freelancer.

08:08 Neha tells why she shifted her career and chose to be a freelancer

12:19 She shares the challenges faced as a freelancer in generating income.

14:39 She shared her plans for upcoming projects and business development.

15:39 Neha shares that she is willing to expand her niche.

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