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Interview - Digital marketing journey of a homegrown decor & lifestyle brand

How the founder understood the customer and took the brand's marketing online.

This week I interview Chandni Dassani, founder of Etaasa. I want to know how she created her brand's marketing strategy and executed it. She talks about her journey and what she learnt along the way.

About Etaasa

Etasaa is a homegrown decor & lifestyle brand started in 2016. Offering a designer collection, every product of Etasaa finds its roots in the hands of Indian artisans from various cottage industries. It is a 'Make in India' initiativ,e trying to keep the art and craft of India alive. 

About Chandni Dassani

Etasaa's founder Chandni is an entrepreneur, community builder, mentor and a blogger. She is an optimist and avid reader, loves food, design and strives to learn everyday. 

Etaasa's digital marketing journey

1:04 Chandni talks about why she wanted to start this business. She and her partner saw a gap in the market because most of the handcrafted items were exported. They wanted to provide these handcrafted products to Indian customers.

2:43 Etasaa's marketing is done in-house by Chandni. She had experience of retail, but learnt how to market the business through her startup. Etasaa started by understanding the customer and the segment in which people would willingly buy their product. They started with pop-ups, trade shows, exhibition etc in the first year. While being expensive, this helped to bring in loyal customers. It helped them to identify their niche and refine their product line.

4:37 When Etasaa migrated their marketing online, they made a decision to curb spending on Facebook ads. Instead, Chandni focused on joining relevant Buy & Sell groups on Facebook. This way, she was able to respond to queries that could be solved by Etasaa's product. This strategy worked very well for Etasaa and they were connected to good quality consumers.

9:00 Chandni talks about how they navigated the conversation with the consumers, without a website. She ensured that a good quality catalogue was ready to be sent to the leads secured through Facebook group.

11:40 Chandni recommends joining networking groups to strategically partner with other business. This helped Etasaa reach out to wider audience.


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