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Interview – The digital marketing journey of a communications and a soft skills consulting company

The founders talk about their first set of customers and how they scaled up their marketing.

This week, I talk to the two founders of The Confident Communicator. We talk about the various stages of their marketing. How did they start their marketing and what changes did they make along the way to grow the business?

About The Confident Communicator

The Confident Communicator is a communications and a soft skills company. They realized that schools help kids achieve academic excellence, but lag in encouraging creativity, innovation, and confidence. So, they built a safe space for kids to fail, to enable them to get back up and succeed in life.

About Sima and Deepma

Deepma and Sima have known each other for 30 years and reconnected when they met back in India after many years. The Confident Communicator has come about through their own skills and experience in the field. Deepma was a soft skills trainer for adults, while Sima was volunteering to inspire underprivileged college students to communicate well.

The Confident Communicator’s digital marketing journey

0:52 Deepma kick-starts the interview with the story of how she and Sima became friends. Through their common experience, they realized the gap in the Indian education system.

2:15 Sima continues the story with how The Confident Communicator was born and what they want to achieve through it.

5:45 We talk about their individual experiences and how they combined their skills to create their business.

10:00 I ask Deepma and Sima to talk about their marketing strategy. How did they reach out to their first set of people and for how long did that strategy work? What did they do after that to grow?

16:25 Sima breaks down their marketing strategy in different stages. She talks about how TCC evolved from a passion project into a business.

17:25 Sima continues by explaining what their brand stands for. She highlights how that has been translated into their marketing strategy as well.

18:35 I ask Sima how they move someone from the brand awareness stage to a customer. They narrate a story of what made them tweak their marketing to highlight their impact.

22:41 Sima and Deepma gives us some examples of how they stay true to their core brand value of learning through fun.

29:25 Wrap-up and thank-you.


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