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Why Do You Need A Festive Whatsapp Marketing Strategy?

The festive season is here! In other words, the season to scale your marketing strategy is here. Get ready to welcome prosperity in your life and grow sales with WhatsApp marketing and promotions. This is the right time to delight customers with an end-to-end conversational and online shopping experience. Today, we will discuss the best ways to use WhatsApp marketing features and examples of promotional messages on WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp is a social media platform focused on the essence of text messaging instead of getting distracted by other forms of communication. Therefore, making it goal-based and supremely recommended in the marketing world.

The platform has around a billion monthly users and the numbers are only increasing by the day. In 2021, approximately 220.5 million global users downloaded WhatsApp Business, which is a 25.3 per cent rise from the previous year.

WhatsApp is quite evidently the most widely used mode of communication in India. In addition to easing the process of efficient and effective sharing of information, it is also highly rewarding for small businesses looking to broaden their client base. Whatsapp marketing for business is all about offering a variety of services, such as allowing you to send promotional messages, bulk texts, vouchers and even money to your customers.

During festivals, especially, the app plays a huge role in connecting people from around the world. Not only is it simple to understand and use but also, it directly delivers your message to the customer, without any paid promotion. Thus, you can market your business globally and holistically as you want to via WhatsApp marketing.

Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing for Promotion During Festivals

While it is taxing to think about how to market using WhatsApp, it is worth it in the end as it helps to send personalised messages to your customers. An effective WhatsApp marketing strategy helps you sell your products or services by being just one click away.

Let us look into the top WhatsApp marketing to run a small business.

Effective WhatsApp Marketing Tips + Features

The most popular way of festive marketing, WhatsApp business marketing is popular as a powerful tool for eCommerce startups. How to do WhatsApp marketing for free?

  1. Build a business profile (Go to WhatsApp Business app — Open Settings > Business settings > Profile)

  2. Leverage quick replies (Press “/” and select the preferred quick reply)

  3. Create an automatic greeting message (Eg, Welcome to XYZ Industries)

  4. Setup an automatic away message (Settings > Business settings > Away message > “Active away message”)

  5. Utilise contact labels (Click the menu button on the client’s chat > click “New Label” > click save)

  6. Feature catalogs and reply buttons (Tap more options > Business tools > Catalog > Add new collection)

  7. Integrate Facebook shops

  8. Setup WhatsApp payment and business directory

WhatsApp Business features help you increase the visibility of your products. Below are other major reasons to use WhatsApp for business marketing.

Build strong customer relationships

It is incredibly important for every business, especially the small ones, to remain conscious and in touch with their customers. By using WhatsApp for marketing, you can reach out to your customers with festive-themed online gifs and messages. Numerous case studies prove that direct communication between customers and businesses accelerates lead nurturing and builds trust faster than any other marketing platform.

26Tech strategised and composed a series of WhatsApp marketing messages for a client who conducted communication classes for kids. The messages helped to collect the customer's preferences about the course schedule.

Messaging drives conversions

An effective messaging strategy also supports the team in building a better relationship with the customer. Communicating with your customer includes having a two-way conversation with them. Customers are more likely to be enthusiastic if they can speak directly with their favourite brand before making a purchase decision. It will undoubtedly increase brand loyalty and provide benefits to keep customers engaged with the brand.

The strategy used by 26Tech to get maximum admissions for a course launched by a communication client company.

The client received 100% signups using WhatsApp marketing, which was 2x as compared to last year.

Acts as an affordable marketing channel

The best thing about WhatsApp is that it is absolutely free, as all you need to operate it is the application and a good internet connection. Considering that about 66% of customers feel more certain about making a purchase if the company is active on messengers, WhatsApp acts as a great marketing tool to sell products.

Works as a stand-alone application

It is fairly easy to grasp and learn how to use the app as well as develop the marketing strategy on WhatsApp. Moreover, it is capable of reaching a huge audience in the span of a few seconds. Festivals experience increased use because families wish to stay connected during the festivities, no matter how far they are.

WhatsApp Promotional Messages: Examples + Do’s & Don’ts

A WhatsApp promotion message goes a long way if done right! You must take the help of a marketing strategist to create WhatsApp marketing content and brainstorm new promotional ideas.

Below are a few samples of WhatsApp promotion message templates to assist you in creating effective festive marketing WhatsApp messages.

  • Sales & Promotional Message

“New Promotion 🛎️ This month’s special offer is [offer]. We’re also offering loyal customers like you, [customer name], a 5% discount on orders above [amount]. Use the promo code DISCOUNT5. Order now at [URL].”

  • Festive Wishes + Promotional Message

Hey [Customer Name],

[Company Name] wishes you a very Happy Diwali!! 🌟

We are glad to celebrate this auspicious occasion with you. Avail of our exclusive Diwali offers this festive season! 🎇

Enjoy [10%] discount on cart amount upto [10,000]

Hurry! Offer valid till [Date]

Apply Code [DIWALI10] ✨

Shop now!

  • Loyalty Programs

We wanted to thank you for being a valued customer for over [5 years]! ✌️

Presenting a Special E-Gift Voucher for you!!

Apply Coupon Code [5FORYOU] and get flat [INR 500] off on your next purchase. 🛍️

T&C Apply *

Buy Now!

  • New Product Launch

Hey [Customer Name]

We have Good News for you!

[Company Name] has launched its new product with excellent features 👍

Place your order today and flat get [20%] off!

Check it out!

  • Cross-selling WhatsApp Promotional Message

Hey [Customer Name],

[Product Name] will be delivered to you soon. 🎊

As a loyal customer, we’d love to recommend you our [Product Name] 🎈

Here’s a special offer so that you can enjoy your purchase!!

Use Code [DIY20] at the time of checkout for instant [20% Off]

Would you like to know more about the products?

  • Discount code message

Now you know, reading doesn’t have to be boring! 💃

Help your child develop a lifelong habit of reading with our beloved course [Course Name]". 📚

Our first batch starts on [Date], 👀

We have an incentive for you, 😉

You can avail a 5% discount on our [Course name] program, 🤑

Use code [Discount Code] at the time of checkout to avail the offer, 😁

Hurry up since the offer lasts till [Date]. ⏰

  • Self-promotion message

Hi, we hope you’re doing well.

Thank you for sparing a few hours of your time to be our guest!

It would make us happy if you could take a few minutes of your time and share our [Series Name] journey with your friends and family. We’re sending you a 2nd message which you can forward 🙂

You can also share the post from your personal profile and tag us.

Here’s the youtube link: [Video Link}


  1. What is API in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Business API is the next level application program interface that enables businesses to seamlessly receive and respond to unlimited WhatsApp messages. However, this comes at an additional cost.

  1. What are some best festive marketing WhatsApp campaign examples?

Many big brands such as Vivo, Skullcandy, Flipkart, Eazy Diner and more send WhatsApp promotion messages to grow reach and sales. Their WhatsApp marketing strategy also includes paid promotion and additionally charged services.

  1. How to write an effective WhatsApp promotional message?

A good promotional message for WhatsApp marketing should be grammatically correct, personalised, short, crisp and valuable.

Get WhatsApp Ready This Festive Season!

If you’re wondering how to do marketing for free, WhatsApp marketing is your answer. All you need to do is set up a WhatsApp Business Profile, create a catalogue, run an offer for your lists of existing and potential customers and viola, you’re ready to start sending promotional messages. This article will help you sail through this journey smoothly.

We, at 26Tech, have helped multiple small businesses establish themselves as coming-of-age ventures by focusing on the large-scale improvement of their digital presence. Kick-start your digital marketing plan with our transparent operations, performance tracking KPIs and open communication.

Book a free 30-minute consultation today!

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