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A Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn Marketing in 2023

Do you know what helps you stand out in the present digital age? The answer is personal branding. In a world where anyone can start a blog or establish a social media presence, having a personal brand is more important than ever. It gives you control over your own story. This is exactly why you need a LinkedIn branding strategy. As per a recent survey, 77% of all conversations on social media are about people looking for advice, suggestions or information. This is much easier to answer and interact with as an individual as opposed to a brand.

We are aware that social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp are a boon for small businesses for marketing purposes. However, with changing times, trends have changed as well. Nowadays, LinkedIn is considered extremely helpful for B2B marketing in order to design your presence and connect with your target audience. The networking platform is always working on adding new and engaging services for career-minded people.

The features such as LinkedIn Creator Mode have enabled several people and brands to interact with their target audience and get discovered using relevant hashtags. These features have helped brands to reach out to their target audience and interact with them. At 26TechServices, we believe that it is extremely important to discover your role in influencing others through your expertise.

What is personal branding?

A personal brand for a business is a method of marketing an organization through the founder. It may help you stand out in a pool of social media accounts and catch the attention of potential customers. Developing a personal brand is more than just creating a picture of success and significance.

To differentiate your brand from others and thrive in today's competitive market, you must create a personal brand that represents who you are as a founder and what your brand has to contribute. Let us go through a LinkedIn personal branding example to understand the concept.

Ankur Warikoo, content creator, educator, entrepreneur, author and angel investor established a personal brand over the internet.

The founder of NearBuy was successful in making an impression on LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media platforms simply by asking himself, “what does the audience want?”

He believes that authentic content, personal stories, first-hand experience and engaging with the audience brought him higher reach and more followers.

How to create an impressive LinkedIn personal brand?

There was a time when LinkedIn was used as a recruitment platform but with the right output, it can be used as a personal branding platform.

Below are a few tips to follow to create a successful personal brand on LinkedIn.

  • Add a professional headshot and a banner

Do you realise the significance of a headshot and banner for your LinkedIn page? It's a good idea to upload a banner picture and a headshot to boost your visibility. A professional display picture will represent you and your expertise.

It's also vital to consider how your profile picture will coordinate with the banner. The coordination adds another layer to your personal brand when you build your page.

  • Tell your story in the summary

It goes without saying—make sure that you have a LinkedIn summary. This field should not be left blank. As LinkedIn is a networking platform, it gives you the chance to tell your own story, and the best way to do this is to write a professional summary.

While listing your skills or the job titles you’ve had is vital, adding a personal touch to your summary will bring life to the content. Don’t hold yourself back, discuss your background, share your accomplishments, and give an insight into your life outside work.

  • Share engaging and informative content

After you've setup your profile with a great banner and showcase page, it’s time to post helpful content to grow your reach. You can keep your followers engaged by regularly offering relevant and engaging material.

Share insights on your industry, personal stories about your business and knowledgeable posts, to position yourself as a thought leader. It will also help you become an effective Linkedin influencer.

  • Optimise the LinkedIn profile/ page

Optimise your profile with a well-written copy with short form content. A personal branding coach can help you keep these things in check.

LinkedIn users may search for your organisation using keywords, so include phrases that appropriately describe your services, nature of business, and industry.

Why do you need a personal branding consultant?

A personal branding consultant can help you boost your online presence in several ways. For starters, they’ll make sure your social media page and website are not stagnant. They will help you create engaging and informative content that will be unique to your brand. Similarly, they will also ensure that your blogs and articles follow an SEO strategy.

All in all, a personal brand strategist makes your brand visible to the media and investors. Investors will take you more seriously if you have a strong personal branding presence. It demonstrates that you are not only prepared to devote your time and effort to your business but also willing to exhibit yourself in a vulnerable manner that conveys to potential clients.

26 Tech Services offers effective LinkedIn brand strategy for experts on LinkedIn, which includes creating a strategy for posting and helping them with content creation. Every strong personality needs more than just a LinkedIn presence to leave their mark — you need strategy, content, ads and mostly, a personal brand strategist. It’s time to kickstart lead generation campaigns on LinkedIn for your business page.

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  • Can LinkedIn be used for personal branding?

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for businesses or individuals to interact with like-minded people and build a network.

  • How does LinkedIn help with branding?

LinkedIn branding strategy will help you promote your brand by reaching professionals using your personal profile.

  • What does a personal branding consultant do?

A personal branding consultant assists people in developing, maintaining, improving, reinventing, and managing their personal brands.

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