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What is a social media strategy? Why do you need one?

Social media should be an integral part of your marketing strategy if you are in the business sector, no matter what industry you are in or what product or service you sell. The different platforms allow you to reach a larger audience with your marketing message. With over 2 billion active social media users worldwide, your target market is likely using one or more platforms. With social media as a marketing strategy, you can reach your target audience and probable customers.

According to Nielsen's newest Global Trust in Advertising research, which polled more than 28,000 Internet users in 56 countries, 92 per cent of customers worldwide trust earned media, such as suggestions from friends and family, more than all other kinds of advertising—a jump of 18 per cent since 2007. With 70% of worldwide consumers questioned online, saying they believe messages on this medium, an increase of 15% in four years, online customer evaluations are the second most trustworthy source of brand knowledge and messaging.

Continue reading to know why social media marketing is important for small businesses or startups.

What is the Purpose of a Social Media Strategy?

When you are working on your social media strategy, it is important to keep in mind what the purpose of a social media strategy is. Many small businesses make the mistake of assuming that a social media marketing plan simply aims to get more “likes” or followers. But that’s not the case – strategic social media marketing is much broader than that.

A marketing strategy in social media should be designed to help you achieve your business goals. That might mean generating leads, increasing sales, building brand awareness, or entirely. Whatever your goal is, your social media strategy should be focused on helping you achieve it.

The social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp are a boon to small businesses and startup foundations that can stay connected with their customers and increase their reach. A good social media strategy will include tactics for growing your audience and engagement, especially if you are a small business owner. It will also focus on other things like creating valuable content, developing relationships with influencers, and monitoring your results so you can adjust your strategy as needed.

What is the Difference Between a Social Media Manager and a Strategist?

There are a lot of similarities between social media managers and strategists. However, there are some key differences between the two roles. Both roles require an understanding of the latest trends in social media, and both need to think creatively about how to use social media to achieve their goals.

A social media manager is primarily responsible for managing a company's social media accounts. This includes creating and scheduling posts, responding to comments and messages, monitoring analytics, and moderating user-generated content. On the other hand, a social media strategist is responsible for developing and executing a long-term vision for how social media strategy can be used to achieve a company's business goals.

A strategist needs to understand not just what platforms are out there but also how they can be integrated into an overarching marketing strategy in social media. They need to be able to see the big picture and think about how each individual post or campaign fits into that strategy. A good strategist is always thinking three steps ahead about what kind of content will be most effective and how it can support other marketing initiatives.


26 Tech Services helped a kid's product brand achieve business growth

The founder wanted the social media accounts managed, aiming to increase sales.

The social media strategist worked to improve the reach and website clicks from her Instagram account. In addition, also helped her identify her USP, resulting in improved product descriptions.

This resulted in increased reach on social media and sales.

Hiring a social media strategist is integral, not only for brand awareness and traffic but also for an increase in lead generation and sales.

How to Create a Great Social Media Plan in 2023?

The most effective social media strategy has several characteristics. Let us go through some of the major points of a successful social media strategy.

  • Well-defined Goals

An organization’s goals can vary from raising brand recognition to consumer engagement, or promoting an event, or positioning yourself as a leading voice. Goals should ideally have quantifiable KPIs and deadlines.

  • Specific Target Audience

Who do you need to interact with to attain these objectives? For example, if you own a baby store, you must target new parents. Alternatively, if you offer interior design services, you may like to attract people with interest in home décor or architects and real estate agents. A social media marketing plan will help you connect with your target audience.

  • Using Effective Platforms

Once you have identified your target audience, you will need to understand which social media site they favour and how they engage with it. This will help you decide on the format for your postings.

  • Tracking and Evaluation

A social media marketing plan should be examined and analysed regularly to reveal information that can be used to guide future initiatives. Which post performed best: video, picture, copy, and link? Which social media platforms were the most accommodating? Which is the most effective call to action? Which hashtags were the most popular, and which were a flop?

Wrapping it up!

Developing a great social media strategy needs extensive research, a thorough grasp of how various audiences engage with social media platforms, and the ability to test and modify even while the plan is being implemented.

26Tech Services is an India-based full-service marketing business specialising in designing and executing a social media marketing strategy that elevates companies and offers meaningful bottom-line outcomes.

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  • What three benefits can a social media strategy bring to a company?

Social media strategy may help your business acquire clients, gather customer feedback, and increase customer loyalty.

  • What are the five elements of media strategy?

  • Audience Awareness.

  • Ideal Platform Selection.

  • Data-Driven Risk-Taking.

  • Constant Learning and Adaptation.

  • Integrate within Digital Strategy.

  • Why do you need a social media strategist?

To carve out an intentional strategy for each platform, social media strategists will delve into the statistics and psychology of social media marketing.

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