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Unboxing Entrepreneurship- Building a personal brand as an entrepreneur.

Personal branding is creating and maintaining a consistent image or identity for a person, usually in the form of a social media profile, to promote their career or business. It can also be seen as marketing oneself to potential employers or customers.

As an entrepreneur, personal branding is essential to your success. Your personal brand is the unique combination of skills, experiences, and values that make you who you are. It sets you apart from other entrepreneurs and allows you to succeed in your venture.

A strong personal brand will help you build trust with your customers and clients and make you more attractive to potential investors. It will also give you a competitive edge in the marketplace. To build a strong personal brand, start by assessing your strengths and weaknesses. Then, focus on promoting your unique strengths and values. Be sure to stay true to yourself and your brand, and always provide quality products and services.

With learning the importance of building a personal brand, we unboxed the fourth episode of Unboxing Entrepreneurship with Neha Mathur. She is the first entrepreneur from a family of lawyers and salaried professionals. She started her entrepreneurial journey as a product photographer, switched gears, followed her passion, and founded The Missing Piece Image Consultancy. As an Image Consultant, she helps people discover their Personal Brand by being the best version of their own true authentic selves.

In this episode, we discuss the areas of personal development that entrepreneurs should focus on?

Later, we discussed how important what you wear - even when working from home - makes a difference to your productivity!

We conclude the session by discussing the digital presence entrepreneurs (especially solopreneurs) should maintain.

To know more about this, watch the full video here.

Stay tuned for more episodes in the coming weeks!


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