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Unboxing Entrepreneurship: Bootstrapping management of funds

Individuals willing to take on the risks and responsibilities of starting and running a business are known as entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is often associated with innovation and creativity.

The most successful entrepreneurs have a clear vision for their business and can execute their plans effectively.

They can also adapt to changes and challenges that arise along the way. Individuals who can identify opportunities and seize them are also more likely to be successful in their ventures.

To be a successful entrepreneur, having a good handle on managing funds is essential. This means clearly understanding where money is coming from and where it is going.

It is also important to keep a close eye on expenses and make sure that money is spent wisely.

A solid business plan is one of the best ways to ensure good financial management. This plan should include realistic projections for income and expenses.

With learning the importance of managing funds, we introduce our fifth episode of this season with Swati Singhania. Swati is an Insolvency Professional, Financial Analyst, Entrepreneur, Trainer, Speaker, and Mentor. She wears many professional hats to help other entrepreneurs and Start-Up founders, as well as individuals who want to aim high and grow successfully. She likes to share her knowledge and experience on her YouTube channel.

In this episode, we start with Swati sharing her experience creating content for her personal brand.

Later we discussed, What finances entrepreneurs should plan for when starting a business?

We also talk about the importance of why the founders taking a salary is recommended.

We conclude the session with Swati giving some insights about how companies can manage their finances on an ongoing basis.

To know more about this, watch the full video here.

Stay tuned for more episodes in the coming weeks!


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