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Unboxing Entrepreneurship: Becoming a co-founder

Entrepreneurs are individuals who see opportunities where others see only challenges.

They are creative and innovative, always looking for new and better ways to do things.

They take risks, sometimes calculated and sometimes not, with the belief that they will succeed.

They are passionate about their businesses and committed to making them succeed. They are always learning, always growing, and always moving forward. They are the driving force behind our economy and why our world is constantly changing for the better.

Without taking risks, entrepreneurs would never achieve their goals. But even the most calculated risks involve some element of chance. And that makes entrepreneurship so exciting - you never know what will happen next.

With similar enthusiasm, this week's guest took the plunge.

We welcome our sixth guest, Priyanka Changia, to the ‘Unboxing Entrepreneurship.’

We talked about how she decided to become a co-founder of a company that had already been created.

Priyanka is the Co-Founder of HEN - Her Entrepreneurial Network. She is passionate about building a community of women entrepreneurs who Inspire, Inform and Support each other to scale up and grow their businesses and lead balanced lives.

Before HEN, she worked actively in her family business of sanitary ware manufacturing. She played a key role in streamlining the supply chain, optimising sourcing, and automating various business and quality control processes.

She has 13 years of corporate experience in analytics and supply chain management.

In this episode, we started our conversation by discussing how passion is the biggest motivating factor for an entrepreneur.

Priyanka shared how her co-founder prepared to have someone else share the vision. She also shares what were her initial thoughts to becoming a co-founder. She talks about other aspects she looked at to clarify the responsibility.

We close out the discussion by talking about how companies function remotely.

To know more about this, watch the full video here.

Stay tuned for more episodes in the coming weeks!


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